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Undergraduate Admission to the University
Admission Application Deadlines

The application deadline for undergraduate applications is normally 30 days before the beginning of the semester; however, the deadline is subject to earlier closing without notice, especially for fall semester. In recent years, the number of qualified first-year student applicants has exceeded available spaces. Those persons who qualify for admission after having completed the eleventh grade fill the first-year student class initially. For fullest consideration, apply as early as possible during senior year of high school.

If a person submits an application for admission to an undergraduate program at Michigan State University for a specific semester, and is accepted but does not enroll for that semester, the application may be reactivated within a period of one year subject to the deadline for filing applications for admission and a new application review will be conducted. If, after one year, the person still has not enrolled at Michigan State, a new application for admission must be submitted.