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The School of Hospitality Business

Graduate Study
Hospitality Business - Master of Business Administration

The majority of Master of Business Administration degree graduates with a major in hospitality business enter the hospitality industry in management positions, in corporate staff positions, in consulting positions, or as teachers in hospitality management programs at the secondary, or two–year or four–year college, level.

Students who have had less than six months of full–time work experience in the hospitality industry prior to enrolling in the program must complete 400 hours of approved professional work experience while enrolled in a collateral course:  HB 454  Professional Work Experience II (W).

In addition to meeting the requirements of the university and of the Broad School, students must meet the requirements for the Hospitality Business Major Field of Concentration specified below.

1. Complete of a minimum of four courses (12 credits) including:  
  a. The following course:  
    HB 885 Seminar in Food and Beverage Systems Management 3
  b. Three of the following courses (9 credits):  
    HB 807 Workforce Management in the Hospitality Industry 3
    HB 837 Hospitality Computer Information Systems 3
    HB 875 Marketing in the Hospitality Industry 3
    HB 882 Financial Management in the  Hospitality Industry 3
    HB 890 Independent Study 3