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Minor in Sports Business Management

The Minor in Sports Business Management, which is administered by the Department of Management, provides students the academic foundation and practical experience to pursue careers in intercollegiate and professional sports and the sports business industry. The minor is intended for students who wish to enhance their marketability for highly competitive careers in areas related to sports business management including sports associations and leagues, intercollegiate and professional sports organizations and teams, sports entertainment and media services, and firms that primarily supply the sports and entertainment industry. Students will apply their knowledge of business to the industries of sports through course work and hands-on experience in supervised fieldwork and internships.

The minor is available as an elective to students who are enrolled in majors in the Eli Broad College of Business and to students in Advertising, Communication pursuing a Minor in Public Relations, Kinesiology, and Media and Information.  With the approval of the department and college that administers the student’s degree program, the courses that are used to satisfy the minor may also be used to satisfy the requirements for the bachelor’s degree. Students who plan to complete the requirements for the minor should apply through the Undergraduate Academic Services Office in the Eli Broad College of Business. Students applying to the minor should be prepared to provide a statement of purpose (professional letter) and resume. Applications are due by April 15th. Admission decisions are made in late spring of each year. Admission to the minor is highly competitive and not guaranteed.

Requirements for the Minor in Sports Business Management

Students must complete a minimum of 18 credits from the following:

1. All of the following courses (12 credits):
MGT 315 Managing Human Resources and Organizational Behavior 3
MGT 325 Management Skills and Processes 3
MGT 460 Capstone for Management Majors (W) 3
MGT 479 Sports Business Management 3
MGT 493A Sports Business: Internship 3
MGT 493B Sports Business: Fieldwork Seminar 3
2. Two of the following courses (6 credits):
ADV 420 New Media Driver’s License 3
ADV 431 Monitoring and Measuring Social Media of Brands 3
BUS 491 Special Topics in Business 3
EC 370 Economics of Sports 3
HST 324 History of Sport in America 3
HST 329 College Sports in the United States 3
ISS 328 The Social Science of Sports (I) 4
KIN 454 Facility Planning and Construction 3
KIN 456 Ethical Issues in Athletics 2
MGT 411 Organizational Staffing 3
MGT 412 Compensation and Reward Systems 3
MGT 414 Diversity in the Workplace 3
MGT 418 Labor-Management Relations 3
MI 101 Understanding Media and Information 3
MKT 302 Consumer and Organizational Buyer Behavior 3
MKT 313 Personal Selling and Buying Processes 3
Management majors must fulfill this requirement with at least two courses outside of management.