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Qualitative Research Methods - Graduate Certificate

The Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research Methods is designed for doctoral students enrolled in College of Education doctoral programs. It focuses on enhancing doctoral students’ theoretical and practical preparation and expertise in conceiving, designing, conducting, analyzing, and reporting qualitative research studies as well as preparing them to teach both introductory and advanced courses in qualitative research methods when assuming faculty positions elsewhere.


To be considered for admission to the Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research Methods students must be pursuing a doctoral degree program within the College of Education.

Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research Methods

Students must complete 15 credits from the following:

1.     Both of the following courses (6 credits):      
      CEP 930 Educational Inquiry       3
      TE 931 Introduction to Qualitative Methods in Educational Research 3
2.     At least three of the following courses (9 credits):  
      HST 803 Seminar in Methodology of Historical Research 3
      SOC 985 Qualitative Field Research     3
      TE 938 Qualitative Data Analysis     3
      TE 939A Special Topics in Advanced Qualitative Methods 3
      TE 939B Advanced Qualitative Methods: Critical Ethnography 3
      TE 939C Advanced Qualitative Methods: Discourse Analysis 3
      TE 939D Advanced Qualitative Methods: Case Studies 3
      TE 939E Advanced Qualitative Methods: Humanities Oriented Research 3
      TE 939F Advanced Qualitative Methods: Phenomenology 3
      TE 939G Advanced Qualitative Methods: Humanizing Research: Decolonizing Qualitative Inquiry 3
      WRA 870 Research Methodologies in Rhetoric and Composition 3