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James Madison College

Minor in European Studies

The Minor in European Studies, which is administered by James Madison College, is available as an elective to students who are enrolled in bachelor's degree programs at Michigan State University. With the approval of the department and college that administer the student's degree program, the courses that are used to satisfy the requirements for the minor may also be used to satisfy the requirements for the bachelor's degree.

The Minor in European Studies provides an opportunity for students to pursue a significant and coherent body of course work in the culture, history, politics, economics, and geography of Europe.  Some of the courses in the minor focus on individual countries, while other courses are comparative and cross–national.  

A Steering Committee, composed of faculty from the colleges whose courses are included in the Minor in European Studies, oversees the minor.  The student's program of study for the minor must be approved in advance and in writing by the chairperson of the Steering Committee.

Students who elect the Minor in European Studies are encouraged to complete courses that are related to Europe in partial fulfillment of the University Integrative Studies requirement.

Requirements for the Minor in European Studies

The student must meet the requirements specified below:

1. Foreign Language Proficiency:  The student must demonstrate proficiency in a European language at a level equivalent to the completion of four semesters of study at the university level.  The results of the MSU foreign language placement test will be considered in determining whether or not the student has fulfilled this requirement.
2. European Studies Courses:  The student must complete a minimum of three courses totaling at least 12 credits selected from at least three of the following groups of courses:
Classical Studies
CLA 360 Ancient Novel in English Translation (W) 3
CLA 412 Senior Seminar: Greek and Roman Religion (W) 3
EC 306 Comparative Economic Systems 3
EC 340 Survey of International Economics 3
EC 440 International Trade (W) 3
EC 441 International Finance (W) 3
ENG 205 Topics in British Literatures 3
ENG 318 Readings in Shakespeare 3
ENG 426 Seminar in Drama or Performance Studies 3
ENG 457 Seminar in 18th-Century British Literature 3
ENG 458 Seminar in 19th-Century British Literature 3
ENG 460 Seminar in Global and Postcolonial Literature 3
FRN 340 Introduction to Reading French Literature (W) 3
FRN 415 Introduction to French Studies I: Metropolitan France 3
FRN 416 Introduction to French Studies II: Francophone Cultures 3
FRN 425 Advanced Studies in French Language 3
FRN 445 Theme-Based Seminar 3
FRN 447 Genre-Based Seminar 3
GRM 341 German Literature and Culture before 1918 3
GRM 342 German Literature and Culture since 1918 3
GRM 435 18th and 19th Century German Literary Studies (W) 3
GRM 445 20th Century and Contemporary German Literary Studies (W) 3
GRM 455 Major Themes in German Cultural History (W) 3
GRM 491 Special Topics in German Studies 1 to 4
GRM 492 Capstone Project 1
GEO 336 Geography of Europe 3
HST 332B Europe in the Middle Ages 1000–1300 3
HST 333 Europe in Crisis 1300–1450 3
HST 334A Renaissance and Reformation Europe 3
HST 334B Europe in the Age of Absolutism 3
HST 335 Europe in the Age of Revolution 1700-1870 3
HST 336 Contemporary Europe 1870 to Present 3
HST 337 European Power, Culture, and Thought: Renaissance to Enlightenment 3
HST 338 European Power, Culture and Thought: The Modern Era
HST 340 England and its Culture to 1688 3
HST 341 Modern Britain since 1688 3
HST 347 Modern France 3
HST 348 Modern Germany 3
HST 390 History of International Relations 3
HST 392 History of the Holocaust2 3
HST 412 Women in Modern European History 3
HST 414 World War II: Causes, Conduct and Consequences 3
HST 415 The First World War 3
HST 452 Special Topics in European History 3
HST 482 Seminar in Medieval History (W) 3
HST 483 Seminar in Modern European History (W)1 3
History of Art
HA 101 Western Art from Paleolithic to Medieval Era 3
HA 102 Western Art from the Renaissance to Contemporary 3
HA 209 Ancient Art 3
HA 210 Medieval Art 3
HA 230 Renaissance and Baroque Art 3
HA 240 Modern Art 3
HA 401 Greek Art and Archaeology 4
HA 402 Roman Art and Archaeology 4
HA 410 Selected Topics in Medieval Art 4
HA 430 Baroque Art in Italy and Spain 3
HA 446 Impressionism 4
HA 450 Selected Topics in Modern Art 4
ITL 330 Italian Culture and Civilization 3
James Madison College
MC 230 Cultures and Politics in Comparative Perspective 4
MC 270 Classical Republicanism 4
MC 271 Constitutionalism and Democracy 4
MC 280 Social Theory and Social Relations  4
MC 321 The Cold War: Culture, Politics and Foreign Policy 4
MC 324E Regional Politics, Cooperation, and Conflict in Europe 4
MC 325 State and Society in Comparative Perspective1 4
MC 327 The Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policy1 4
MC 329 European Security: Challenges and Strategies 4
MC 331 Encounters with Post-Communism 4
MC 370 Radical Challenges to Liberal Democracy 4
MC 371 Beyond Liberal Democracy? New Directions in Political Theory 4
MC 386 Women and Power in Comparative Perspective1  4
MC 387 Jews and Anti–Semitism2 4
MC 388 Sexual Politics: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives1 4
MC 390 Advanced Topics in Public Affairs1 4
MC 492 Senior Seminar in International Relations (W)1 5
MC 493 Senior Seminar in Comparative Cultures and Politics (W)1 5
MC 497 Senior Seminar in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy (W)1 5
MC 498 Senior Seminar in Social Relations and Policy (W)1
Music 5
MUS 211 History of Western Music to 1750 3
MUS 212 History of Western Music since 1750 3
MUS 420 Music of the 18th Century 2
MUS 421 19th Century European–American Music Literature 2
MUS 422 20th Century European and American Music Literature 2
MUS 423 History of Opera 2
PHL 210 Ancient Greek Philosophy 3
PHL 211 Modern Philosophy 3
PHL 220 Existentialism 3
PHL 357 Philosophy of Karl Marx 3
PHL 411 Aristotle Seminar 4
PHL 413 Seminar in Early Modern Philosophy 4
PHL 416 Hegel Seminar 4
PHL 417 Seminar in 19th Century Philosophy 4
PHL 421 Topics in European and Continental Philosophy 3
Political Science
PLS 342 Comparative Political Economy1 3
PLS 356 Politics of Europe and the European Union 3
PLS 372 Modern Political Philosophy 3
PLS 422 Seminar in Political Science (W) 4
PRT 350 Introduction to Literary Analysis (W) 3
Religious Studies
REL 275 Magic and Mysticism: Western Esoteric Traditions and Practices 3
SPN 320 Cultural Readings and Composition (W) 3
SPN 412 Topics in Hispanic Culture 3
SPN 462 Topics in Spanish Literature 3
SPN 491 Special Topics in Spanish 3
3. Supervised Research Paper:  The student must complete one of the following four options:
a. Independent Study.  A research paper on a topic related to Europe completed while enrolled in an independent study course of at least 3 credits.
b. Overseas Study.  A research paper completed while enrolled in a MSU overseas study program in Europe totaling at least 3 credits.
c. Internship.  A research paper on a topic related to Europe completed while enrolled in a field experience or internship course of at least 3 credits.
d. Capstone Course.  A research paper on a topic related to Europe that is completed while enrolled in a capstone course of at least 3 credits.
1 To be counted toward the requirements for the Minor in European Studies, the content of this course must be specifically related to or focused on European Studies.
2 A student may receive credit for only one of the following courses, and only one of those courses may be used to satisfy the requirements for the Minor in European Studies:  History 392 or James Madison College 387.