Education Abroad Partner Programs (Exchange and Direct Enroll)

Institution:Univ of San Francisco de Quito

Program: Univ of San Francisco de Quito (Quito, Ecuador)

Sponsored by: College of Arts and Letters; Eli Broad College of Business; College of Natural Science; College of Social Science

Offered in: Fall, Spring, Summer

Grade and Credit Conversion
Graded Subject Areas: Depending on the subject area of the course taken abroad, your credit will come back in one of the following two ways:
  • Graded credit (counts toward your MSU GPA)
  • Transfer credit (pass/fail basis and does NOT count toward your MSU GPA)

All subject areas listed below will come back as graded credit. Courses taken in any subjects that are NOT listed will come back as transfer credit. You can find a list of courses that have previously been approved for transfer credit on

If there is a course you want to take but is not listed on this page or, you will need to receive approval from your academic advisor or the appropriate college contact for study abroad course approvals. When you contact/meet with someone for course approval, make sure you have relevant course descriptions from the host university. Links to course descriptions can be found at the bottom of the “details” tab of each program page on the Office for Education Abroad Website.

Subject CodeSubject NameStart DateEnd Date
B SBiological Science
BMBBiochem & Molecular Biology
GLGGeologySummer - 2016
MMGMicrobio & Molecular Genetics
MTHMathematicsSummer - 2016
PLBPlant Biology
STTStatistics and ProbabilitySummer - 2016
ZOLZoologySummer - 2016
SSCSocial Science
SPNSpanishFall - 2022
BLDBiomedical Laboratory Diagnost
PRTPortugueseFall - 2022
NSCNatural Science
A LArts & LettersFall - 2022
STAStudio ArtFall - 2022
LLLinguistics and LanguagesFall - 2022

Previously taken Courses:
Host School SubjectHost School Course NumberHost School Course TitleMSU Course CreditsMSU Course CodeMSU Subject AreaSubstituteStartDateEndDate
EAI0324Language and Writing3CSX  7BSWSPNSPN 452: A&LFS15FS22
POL0307Topics in Lat. Am. Politics3CSX  7BTMSPNSPN 452: A&LSS15FS22
EAI0315Advanced Grammar3CSX  7AZTSPNSPN 310: A&LSS16FS22
EAI0324Language and Writing3CSX  7BSWSPNSPN 320: A&LSS16FS22
EAI0322Language and Cinema3CSX  7BFMSPNSPN 342: A&LSS16FS22
ANT0231Anthropology of the Coast3CSX  7BUFSPNSPN 491: A&LSS16FS22
EAI317Language and Civilization3CSX  7AFMSPNSPN 452: A&LFS15FS22
EPE0321Advanced Conversation3CSX  7AFKSPNSPN 452: A&LFS15FS22
MAT0330Numeric Analysis3CSX  7BGBMTHMTH 451: CNSSS12US16
MAT0221Linear Algebra3CSX  7AHJMTHMTH 314: CNSFS05US16
GEO0210Ecuador Geology & Geodynamics3CSX  7BGCGLGGLG GCU: CNSFS11US16
LNE0031Portuguese Basic I3CSX  7BLSPRTPRT 101: A&LFS13FS22
GEO0200EIntroduction to Volcanology3CSX  7BLRGLGGLG GCU: CNSFS13US16
ECL0353Ecology and Conservation of the Ga 3CSP  7BNAZOLZOL 490: CNSSS11US16
EAI0321Hispanic Language and Literature3CSX  7BDFSPNSPN 350: A&LFS10FS22
ECL407ETropical Rainforest Ecology3CSX  7AIPZOLZOL 485: CNSSS06US16
ECL0280Intro to Oceanography3CSP  7BMYZOLZOL 303: CNSSS11US16
MAT0200Statistics3CSP  7BXBSTTSTT 200: CNSSS13US16
EPE0306Intermediate Spanish3CSX  7AFGSPNSPN 452: A&LFS16FS22
ARH0302Modern Latin American Art3CSX  7BNESPNSPN 412: A&LSS18FS22
HIS0333Pacific History from the 16th-3CSX  7BYNSPNSPN 491: A&LSS18FS22
EPE0320Intermediate Conversation3CSX  7AGUSPNSPN 452: A&LUS15FS22
EPE0302Ecuadorian Culture3CSX  7BDGSPNSPN 412: A&LUS15FS22
LNE0032Portuguese Basic II3CSP  7DTCPRTPRT GCU: A&LUS18FS22
POL0307Latin American Studies3CSX  7BVXSPNSPN 491: A&LFS16FS22
LIT0326Indigenous Literature3CSX  7BYXSPNSPN 472: A&LSS18FS22
EPE0307Advanced Spanish3CSX  7AFFSPNSPN GCU: A&LFS16FS22
EPE0320Intermediate Conversation3CSP  7BPCSPNSPN 452: A&LUS18FS22
EPE0302Ecuadorian Culture3CSP  7BMZSPNSPN 412: A&LSS11FS22
REL0482Democracy in Latin America3CSP  7DZSSPNSPN 412: A&LUS19FS22
ANT0280Languages of Latin America3CSX  7BYWSPNSPN 482: A&LSS18FS22
AEI0317Language and Civilization3CSX  7AFMSPNSPN 412: A&LFS22
LIT0239Ecuadorian Novel3CSX  7AUWSPNSPN 432: A&LSS08FS22
MAT0200Statistics3CSX  7CCZSTTSTT 200: CNSFS19US16
Art1101Drawing I3CSX  7CJTSTASTA GCU: A&LSS22FS22
FOT2101Photography 13CSX  7CJUSTASTA GCU: A&LSS22FS22
LCL110Basic Quechua 13CSX  7CJVLLLL GCU: A&LSS22FS22