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Office of the Registrar
Office of the Registrar

Co-Sponsored Study Abroad Programs

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Institution: Chiang Mai University
Program: Chiang Mai University (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
Sponsored by: Arts and Letters
Offered in: Fall, Spring, Summer
Grade and Credit Conversion
Approved Subject Areas:
Subject areas in which host institution courses will be directly loaded into the MSU record with converted credit hours and grades are listed below. Courses taken that are beyond the scope of the listed subjects will be evaluated for transfer credit without grades.
Subject CodeSubject Name
LLLinguistics and Languages
A LArts & Letters
Previously taken Courses:
The following list includes all courses in approved subject areas previously recorded in MSU academic records with adjusted credits and grades. Information listed in "Replaced" represents one usage of this course and is not official.
Host School SubjectHost School Course NumberHost School Course TitleHost School Course CreditsMSU Course CodeMSU Subject AreaReplaced
THAI 101 Thai Lang 1 (Listen\Speak) CSP  7BVC LL LL 100: A&L 
VIET 101 Vietnamese Lang 1 (Listen\Speak) CSP  7CHW LL LL GCU: A&L