Graduate Degree

Statistics - Master of Science

Statistics - Master of Science
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Master of Science
College of Natural Science
Statistics and Probability

Excerpt from the official Academic Programs Catalog:

Listed below are the approved requirements for the program from the official Academic Programs Catalog.
Students must consult their advisors to learn which specific requirements apply to their degree programs.

College of Natural Science

Department of Statistics and Probability

Graduate Study
Statistics - Master of Science

The goal of the master's degree program in statistics is to provide students with a sound foundation in probability, mathematical statistics, and statistical methodology. The student may emphasize either theoretical or applied material.

In addition to meeting the requirements of the university and of the College of Natural Science, students must meet the requirements specified below.


To be admitted to the master’s degree program in statistics, the applicant should have a background in calculus equivalent to Mathematics 132, 133, and 234, in linear algebra equivalent to Mathematics 309, and probability and statistics equivalent to Statistics and Probability 441 and 442 at MSU with an overall grade point average of 3.0 in this course work.

Requirements for the Master of Science Degree in Statistics

The program is available under either Plan A (with thesis) or Plan B (without thesis). An academic advisor coordinates the student's program of study, which must be approved by the chairperson of the department.

The student must complete:

  1. At least 30 credits in courses in the Department of Statistics and Probability, or in a related field including:
  a. All of the following courses (12 credits):  
    STT 861 Theory of Probability and Statistics I 3
    STT 862 Theory of Probability and Statistics II 3
    STT 863 Applied Statistics Methods I 3
    STT 864 Applied Statistics Methods II 3
  b. Nine additional credits in STT courses at the 800-level or above as approved by the student’s academic advisor. At least 4 credits must be in STT 899 Master’s Thesis Research.  
  c. Nine additional credits in STT courses or courses in related fields as approved by the student’s academic advisor.  
  d. Completion of an oral examination in defense of the thesis, final examination or evaluation.