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College of Nursing

Undergraduate Program

Admission to the Accelerated Second Bachelor's Degree Program

Applicants who have completed a bachelor’s degree from an accredited and recognized college or university with a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.75 are eligible to apply. Applicants whose cumulative grade-point average (GPA) either a) make them ineligible to apply for the Accelerated Second Degree B.S.N program or b) are not competitive for the program, are eligible to take up to 12 credit hours of prerequisite or general education course work to reset their GPA.  Cumulative GPAs achieved during the completion of a graduate degree program may be considered for admission to the Accelerated Second Degree B.S.N. in lieu of a cumulative undergraduate GPA.  The 12 credits or the graduate degree must be completed before the student applies to the program. Applicants should contact the College of Nursing regarding the application process and deadlines. Completion of the following prerequisite courses is required for admission: (ANTR 350, CEM 141, MMG 201, NUR 300 or NUR 301, PHM 350, PSL 250 or PSL 310, and STT 200). Applicants must have earned a minimum grade of 2.0 in each of them.

ANTR 350 Human Gross Anatomy for Pre-Health Professionals 3
CEM 141 General Chemistry 4
HDFS 225 Lifespan Human Development in the Family 3
HNF 150 Introduction to Human Nutrition 3
MMG 201 Fundamentals of Microbiology 3
NUR 300 Pathophysiology 4
NUR 301 Clinical Pathophysiology 3
PHM 350 Introductory Human Pharmacology 3
PSL 250 Introductory Physiology 4
PSL 310 Physiology for Pre-Health Professionals 4
PSY 101 Introductory Psychology 4
STT 200 Statistical Methods 3
Nursing 300 or 301 must be completed within five years of program start.