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College of Social Science

Department of Economics

Linked Bachelor's-Master's Degree in Public Policy

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics
Master of Public Policy Degree in Public Policy

The department welcomes applications from  Michigan State University Economics undergraduate students during the fall semester of their junior year in order to begin the program during the fall semester of their senior year.  Admission to the program requires a minimum undergraduate grade-point average of 3.50 and an approved program of study for the Master of Public Policy degree in Public Policy at the time of admission. Admission to the Linked Bachelor’s-Master’s Program allows the application of up to 9 credits toward the master’s program for qualifying 400-level and above course work taken at the undergraduate level at Michigan State University or an external accredited institution. The number of approved credits, not to exceed 9, are applied toward the credit requirement of the master’s degree. Credits applied to the Linked Bachelor’s-Master’s Program are not eligible to be applied to any other graduate degree program.