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Co-sponsored programs are education abroad programs which are proposed and sponsored by an academic unit at Michigan State University, implemented by a international host partner institution, and staffed by non-Michigan State University faculty. Co-sponsored education abroad programs may include exchange programs, direct enrollment in an international university, and consortial or other provider programs. Co-sponsored programs are comparable in quality to regular Michigan State University education abroad programs; they constitute an area or field of study that is encompassed as part of the sponsoring academic unit(s) at Michigan State University. Co-sponsored programs, upon approval, yield Michigan State University credit and grades. Although the "co-sponsored" designation and benefits do not automatically extend to all the academic offerings of a host institution, there may be multiple areas of study within the host institution that are recognized as Michigan State University co-sponsored programs. Multiple Michigan State University academic units may decide to pursue co-sponsored programs with selected high quality universities.

For advice on how to incorporate education abroad or co-sponsored education abroad into your undergraduate program, see your academic advisor.