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College of Natural Science

Department of Plant Biology

Graduate Study
Plant Biology - Doctor of Philosophy

In addition to meeting the requirements of the university and of the College of Natural Science, students must meet the requirements specified below.


Regular admission may be granted to those students who have a master’s degree or its equivalent, a 3.00 grade–point average, and appropriate training in the biological sciences.  Outstanding students without a master’s degree may be accepted.

Provisional admission may be granted to those students who do not meet the requirements for regular admission.

Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Plant Biology

All doctoral students in plant biology must meet the requirements specified below:

1. Complete the following courses:  
  a. Both of the following courses:  
    PLB 801 Foundations in Plant Biology 3
    PLB 804 Frontiers in Plant Biology 2
  b. Completion of the Responsible Conduct of Research Workshop series offered by The Graduate School.  
  c. One of the following courses:  
    CMB 800 Cell and Molecular Biology Seminar 1
    ENT 812 Graduate Seminar 1
    FW 893 Seminar in Fisheries and Wildlife 1
    GEN 800 Genetics Seminar 1
    GEO 874 Seminar in Geographic Information Science 3
    HRT 892 Plant Breeding and Genetics Seminar 1
    PLP 894 Seminar in Plant Pathology 1
    ZOL 891 Current Topics in Ecology and Evolution 1
    ZOL 895 Seminar 1
2. Pass a preliminary examination.  
3. Acquire teaching experience by assisting in two courses.  
4. Pass a final oral examination in defense of the dissertation.  

 Additional requirements, such as reading knowledge of one or two foreign languages, may be specified.