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Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative

Enrollment in the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative

Many students come to the university uncertain about a preferred area of academic interest.  Other students find their academic interests shift or expand as they are introduced to the many and varied academic experiences associated with attendance at the university.  Students who are undecided about their fields of study may select the No-Preference option at the time of admission or at a later time. Certain major and degree programs specify the completion of particular courses or sequences of courses during the freshman and sophomore years.  Students who have not completed such courses or sequences early in their programs of study may need additional time to meet the requirements for those programs. Students with interests in specific fields of study may declare a major preference related to those fields.

The No-Preference option allows students to investigate the wide variety of majors available at Michigan State University. Professional advisors in the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative (NSSC) serve as the primary advisors for students who select the No-Preference option.  The advisors assist students with major and career advice and course selection.

Students who declare major preferences are assigned to academic advisors in the colleges of their major preferences.  However, the services and professional advisors in the NSSC are also available to these students.