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Preoptometry Program

Students who meet the requirements for admission to the university as freshmen and sophomores, as shown in the Undergraduate Education section of this catalog, may select the preoptometry program in the College of Natural Science as their major preference.  Students who are enrolled in the preoptometry program are enrolled in the Neighborhood Student Success Collaborative, but receive academic advising through the college.

University regulations require that a student who has arrived at junior standing must select a major leading to a baccalaureate degree. The College of Natural Science does not offer a bachelor's degree program for preoptometry students. Therefore, upon reaching junior standing, students who have been enrolled in the preoptometry  program must be admitted to a major in either the College of Natural Science or in another college in order to complete the requirements for a bachelor's degree, regardless of whether they have completed the requirements for the preoptometry program.

Requirements for the Preoptometry Program

  1. Specific courses are not listed since admission requirements of the colleges of optometry vary greatly and can be met in several ways.  The common pattern of admission requirements is a total of 90 semester credits of which 6 to 8 credits are elected from each of the following areas:  English, physics, mathematics, biological science, chemistry, psychology, and social science.  Courses that are used to satisfy University,  college, and major requirements may be counted toward the admission requirements of colleges of optometry.
  2. Students who are enrolled in the preoptometry program should complete the University requirements for bachelor's degrees as described in the Undergraduate Education section of this catalog.

    A Tier I writing course is included in the University requirements.  Students who are enrolled in the preoptometry program are required to meet the Tier II writing requirement approved for the student's major leading to the bachelor's degree.