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College of Education

Department of Teacher Education

Requirements for the Disciplinary Teaching Minors
Computer Science

Computer Science

All of the following courses (19 credits)
CSE 131 Introduction to Technical Computing 3
CSE 231 Introduction to Programming I 4
CSE 232 Introduction to Programming II 4
CSE 260 Discrete Structures in Computer Science 4
CSE 320 Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming 4
One additional 300-400 level course in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering selected from the following: CSE 331, CSE 410, CSE 420, or CSE 460. The total credits for the teaching minor will be 22 or 23 credits.
CSE 131, 231, 232, 260, and 320 will be available without restriction to students who meet the prerequisites. Students will need to submit a plan for the teaching minor to the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. If the student’s overall grade-point average and technical grade-point average (courses in mathematics, the physical and biological sciences, and engineering) meet the standards required of Computer Science majors for admission to upper level studies, the student’s plan will be approved, and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering will approve access to additional Computer Science and Engineering courses in the minor.