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The Eli Broad College of Business and The Eli Broad Graduate School of Management

Graduate Study

Master of Business Administration Degree: Program in Integrative Management

The M.B.A. degree program with a major in integrative management extends over 20 months. It consists of two summer residential sessions, four academic semesters and an early summer –session.  During the academic semesters, most of the courses are scheduled on alternating weekends, Friday evenings and Saturdays.  Students are admitted to the program in integrative management for summer session only.    Students in the program must complete the required courses in a defined sequence with the other members of their class.

The program in integrative management is designed for professionals who meet the admission requirements and want to advance in their careers without interrupting their full–time employment to pursue graduate study.  The objective of the program is to prepare graduates who are able to make sound business decisions based on integrating information across the various fields of business and to manage businesses in an evolving global environment.  The integrative theme is carried out through the coordination of course modules, through in–depth student analyses of organizations and by team efforts that require cross–functional perspectives and build on peer strengths.

In addition to the requirements of the university, students must meet the requirements specified below.


To be admitted to the Master of Business Administration Program in Integrative Management, an applicant must:

  1. Be employed full–time in a managerial position and/or have demonstrated potential for career advancement and leadership in the public or private sector.
  2. Be recommended for acceptance into the program by two or more professional colleagues.
  3. Have a bachelor's degree from a recognized educational institution. The educational institution, academic program, and academic record are considered.
  4. Have strong scores on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) that reflect a general aptitude for graduate study or meet experiential or advanced degree requirements. Other relevant indicators of academic success and significant managerial experience may also be considered.
  5. Have significant work experience that will enhance contributions to the team and the program. Have personal attributes such as demonstrated management potential and maturity, leadership qualities, intellectual curiosity, perseverance, and a drive to succeed.
  6. Have personal attributes such as demonstrated management potential and maturity, leadership qualities, intellectual curiosity, perseverance, and a drive to succeed.
  7. Successfully complete an interview where professional goals are articulated and how the program will contribute to personal success.

Admission to the program is competitive, and meeting the minimum standards listed above does not guarantee admission to the program.

Prior to enrollment in the Master of Business Administration Program in Integrative Management, the student should have completed college-level courses in algebra and statistics and be proficient in word processing and spreadsheets.

Each student is required to have a laptop computer with a minimum configuration approved by the program office.

Requirements for the Master of Business Administration Degree in Integrative Management

The student must complete 45 credits from the following courses:

PIM 800 Managerial Skills 1 to 3
PIM 801 Organizational Analysis 1 to 3
PIM 802 Integrative Case Competition 1 to 3
PIM 803 Leadership Development 1 to 3
PIM 804 Strategic Vision 1 to 3
PIM 811 Financial Accounting Concepts 1 to 3
PIM 812 Managerial Accounting 1 to 3
PIM 813 Information Systems 1 to 3
PIM 814 Financial Statement Analysis 1 to 3
PIM 821 Managerial Economics 1 to 3
PIM 822 Macroeconomics for Managers 1 to 3
PIM 831 Legal Environment of Business 1 to 3
PIM 841 Corporate Finance 1 to 3
PIM 842 Managerial Finance 1 to 3
PIM 850 Analysis and Decision Modeling 1 to 3
PIM 852 Negotiation 1 to 3
PIM 853 Human Resource Management 1 to 3
PIM 855 Strategic Management 1 to 3
PIM 862 Customer and Competitor Analysis 1 to 3
PIM 863 Marketing Systems 1 to 3
PIM 870 Supply Chain Management 1 to 3
PIM 871 Innovation of Products and Services 1 to 3
PIM 872 International Strategies 1 to 3
PIM 873A Current Business Issues: Finance 1 to 3
PIM 873F Current Business Issues: Management 1 to 3
PIM 874 The Global Marketplace 1 to 3
PIM 875 Supply Chain Management II 1 to 3
PIM 876 Ethics in the Workplace 1 to 3
PIM 881 Leadership Communications 1 to 3
PIM 891 Special Topics in Business 1 to 3

Academic Standards

Students must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of 3.00 in order to graduate from the program. Any cumulative grade-point average less than 3.00 will be consider probationary status. The number of individual courses with grades below 3.0 is limited to no more than three. Students on probation for two or more semesters may be dismissed from the program.