Academic Programs Catalog

College of Human Medicine

Office of Medical Education Research and Development

Sean A. Valles, Director

The Office of Medical Education Research and Development (OMERAD) is a multidisciplinary unit within the College of Human Medicine. The mission of OMERAD is to provide innovative educational opportunities for faculty to promote scholarship, develop curriculum, improve teaching effectiveness, lead learner assessment and program evaluation, and integrate educational technology to advance medical education. OMERAD faculty work collaboratively with educators and health care professionals in the College of Human Medicine’s affiliated community campuses.

OMERAD faculty are committed to providing excellent instruction for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate learners. OMERAD faculty develop and evaluate college educational programs, and serve as a college leader in teaching and learning. The unit’s consultation mission involves collaborating with health care professionals to design, assess and disseminate educational innovations. OMERAD’s research mission is to advance knowledge in medical education. The unit’s faculty serve in leadership roles in college, university, and national professional organizations.

OMERAD faculty and support staff have expertise in adult education, teacher education, educational technology, program evaluation and measurement.